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News / Mashable - 1 week ago

iMessage is the only thing keeping me on an iPhone

There once was a time I texted without fireworks. I'm never going back.  Honestly, is there a better way to say you have a stomachache than with virtual pyrotechnics? Nope, and it doesn't even stop there. You communicate your malaise with firew...

News / Mashable - 2 weeks ago

MIT is developing the super battery of your dreams

The lithium-ion battery in your phone might look like a solid chunk of energy-producing plastic at first glance, but if you were to bust it open and take a closer look, you'd see there's also some liquid inside. That's because most lithium-ion batte...

News / Mashable - 2 weeks ago

This tiny wearable can tell you when you need a drink

Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed an ideal wearable to pair with a fitness tracker for those extra sweaty workouts: a tiny Bluetooth-sensor that tracks skin hydration.    The sensors have much more potential tha...